Supply 2400kV AC 1500kV DC 7200kV Impulse for EETI UHV Lab


We successfully supplied 2400kV AC test transformer system, 1500kV DC pollution test system, and 7200kV Impulse voltage test system for EETI 1200kV UHV Lab.

Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Academy Co., Ltd. (EETI), the largest laboratory with the strongest test capacity and best test condition in China, EETI is mainly engaged in testing, researching, training of manpower, getting standard information and developing checkout equipment about power generation assembly, electric transmission and transformation equipment, high voltage electrical apparatus, high voltage switchgear assemblies, low voltage electrical apparatus, low voltage switchgear assemblies, machine tool electric appliance, marine electrical apparatus, nuclear power electrical apparatus, automobile electrical and electronic, wind power generation equipments, solar power photovoltaic system, energy saving products, RoHS, EMC, anti-seismic etc.

Supply 2400kV AC 1500kV DC 7200kV Impulse for EETI UHV Lab

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